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How to Create Authentic AI Content that doesn't look AI generated

AI content has become a powerful tool in the digital marketing space. It can help you quickly create compelling and engaging content. But what if you don’t want your content to look like it was created by an AI? How can you ensure that your AI-generated content looks and reads like it was written by a human being? Let’s check out some tips to create authentic AI content that doesn't look like AI generated it.

Personalize the Content

One of the easiest ways to make sure your AI-generated content looks more authentic is to personalize it. By personalizing the content, you can make sure that it is tailored to target specific groups or audiences. You can also include customer names and other personalized details that will make the content feel more natural and engaging. For example, here we could tell you a bit about how we created AI-generated content for our client American Title Trust and add a link that Ai wouldn't add such as their website. In the case of this company, we created some AI-generated images to get industry-specific images in their corporate colors for a campaign. Our CEO Juliana No teaches you how to do this on Canva on her Instagram. Watch how to create an image on Canva using Ai here.

Incorporate Human-written Elements

Another way to make sure your AI-generated content looks more natural is to incorporate human-written elements into it. This could be anything from including snippets of real customer reviews or quotes from industry experts into the body of text, or even adding images or videos that have been captured by humans rather than generated by machines. The goal here is to add elements of humanity into the mix so that readers are more likely to connect with the material on an emotional level.

Watch our CEO discuss this specific subject with copywriter John Villalba on her Instagram here.

Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) technologies can be used to increase the accuracy and relevance of your AI-generated content. NLP allows computers to understand human language, which means they are better able to process information and generate relevant responses in a conversational manner. This helps ensure that your AI-generated content does not sound robotic or out of touch with reality, but instead reads like something a person would say naturally in conversation. Jasper is actually really good at doing this.

Creating authentic AI content doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow these simple tips! And remember that magic tricks to create content for a month in 1 hour may end up costing you as companies like Google are looking to penalize content that clearly looks created by AI.

Personalize your content using customer names and other details; incorporate human-written elements such as video clips or quotes; and leverage NLP technologies for increased accuracy and relevance. With these strategies in place, you’ll be well on your way toward creating high-quality, authentic AI-generated marketing materials that engage readers on an emotional level!


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