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Many prefer one and swear the other one doesn't work. The reality is that it all depends on how they're doing it.

A campaign may work or not depending on:

- Target audience chosen

- The design of the ad for that target audience

- The platform you chose for that audience

- The goal set up for that campaign

Depending on what your company does, the industry, and what you're trying to achieve (sales, get to be known locally, brand exposure, web visits, increase in video views, more followers...) you'll need to use one platform or the other.

But here are some quick tips to help you decide if you should use Google Ads or Facebook Ads... or both!:

- If you sell local services, Google is probably a better option in many cases because you want to be discovered and unless you have a very visual and impulse-buy driven service, what you want is to be discovered and not depend on images.

- If you have impulse-buy products directed to women (under $50 perform better and best performing products are between $10-$20) go with Facebook.

- If your company has a very visual product or service such as real estate or a nail salon, although Google is great, Facebook can offer amazing support and generate quick responses.

- If you want brand awareness and celebrity status for your personal brand, go with Facebook Ads.

- If you have specialty e-commerce, go with Google Ads and some product-focused campaigns on Facebook. Google Ads will help those who are looking for such a specific product (example: sunglasses for dogs) to be found and Facebook Ads will generate impulse-buy and brand awareness in certain groups in campaigns directed to your avatar-like audience.

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