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Most email users use spam filters and emails are getting sent directly into Gmail's Promotions folder. Because of this, the deliverability and readability of marketing emails has dropped significantly.

On the other hand, an article from McKinsey said that "Email is shown to be 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than either Facebook or Twitter"(but how many emails you need?). However, the ratio of emails opened is often less than 10% with some campaigns getting only 2%. Imagine how many emails you need on your database! And most small companies don't have any.

There's also a social development affecting these results. We saw how cold calling was a trend in the 80s. By 2000, cold calling was pretty much dying. Some data suggest only 3% of cold calls actually pick up the phone. And from that 3% how many can you warm up and convince to purchase? People are over saturated with sales pitches and tired of being harassed. That's why cold calling is practically dead and has been outsourced to countries where paid hours are cheaper.

What happened to cold calling is what is happening to email marketing. Think about it for a second. You rarely pick up calls from phones you don't know and so, you rarely read emails from people you don't recognize either (especially if they clearly declare to be presenting themselves for business or starting with a sales pitch). If you disregard these messages, your customers and potential clients will too.

However, email marketing still has 1 benefit over cold calling: the title of the email. That is your one and only opportunity to capture someone's attention if you get to their inbox. In general, people will be more likely to open something that seems like industry news or an invite to an event.

Once opened... you have to get them to read and then react. We're all busy, so if there is difficult language and more than 4 lines... you may lose them.

There are different techniques to email marketing but the truth is that it is losing strength. So to maximize efforts emails have to be different from 5 or even 2 years ago. Are you using email marketing?

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