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"Is your Google Reviews killing your referrals from insurance"?

As a medical professional, you understand the importance of maintaining a positive reputation within your community. But in today's digital age, reputation management extends far beyond word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied patients. Online reviews for doctors and medical practices are essential for healthcare professionals who want to compete in the digital market. However, negative reviews can have a devastating impact on a doctor's online reputation, and ultimately their ability to attract new patients through insurance referrals.

According to Reputation Inc., new research finds that over 70% of consumers read online reviews when considering a new doctor. Consumers cite insurance acceptance, location, and patient reviews as the most valued criteria for a healthcare provider. This means that not only must doctors have an online presence, but they must also pay attention to the reviews left by their patients.

How important are reviews for doctors?

Online reviews can make or break a doctor's online reputation. A single negative review can significantly impact a doctor's ability to attract new patients. On the other hand, positive reviews can help doctors build trust with potential patients and establish a positive online reputation.

According to Altarum Institute, 43% of consumers said that they would be likely to switch doctors as a result of negative online ratings from other consumers while only about 20% of doctors thought that could really affect them.

The reality is that as much as an insurance may assign you to a particular doctor, more and more millennials and younger generations tend to go check who the doctor is online before scheduling the appointment and based on what they see, they ask the insurance for other options.

Can a doctor respond to a Google review?

Yes, doctors can respond to Google reviews. Responding to reviews is an essential part of managing a doctor's online reputation. A thoughtful response to a negative review can help to address the patient's concerns and show that the doctor cares about their patients' experiences.

Can doctors remove negative reviews?

Doctors cannot remove negative reviews from Google. However, if a review violates Google's review policies, it may be possible to have it removed. Examples of reviews that violate Google's policies include those that contain hate speech, personal attacks, or are completely unrelated to the doctor's services.

The Importance of Monitoring Online Patient Comments

Monitoring online patient comments is essential for doctors who want to maintain a positive online reputation. Patients may leave reviews on various online platforms, including Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades. By monitoring these comments, doctors can respond to negative reviews and address any concerns patients may have. Doctors can also use this feedback to improve their services and make changes that benefit their patients.

Why this is particularly important for those in pediatric care and elderly care?

This is particularly important for healthcare providers in pediatric care and elderly care as millennials are the ones mostly deciding on medical providers for their children and elder parents. As the first digital native generation, millennials heavily rely on social media and online reviews to make decisions. They are accustomed to researching everything online, from restaurants to vacation spots to healthcare providers. A negative review can easily deter a millennial from choosing a particular doctor for their child or elder parent. Therefore, healthcare providers in pediatric and elderly care must prioritize their online reputation and actively manage their online presence to ensure that they are attracting potential patients. By having a positive online reputation, doctors in these areas can establish themselves as trusted healthcare providers and build a loyal patient base for the future.

Why millennials could be the key to your medical practice

Millennials make healthcare decisions like they make other purchasing decisions. They use online research tools and valuing feedback from other customers. And while they may not go as much to a doctor, they have become the economic driving force in America and make many of the medical decisions for their kids and elder parents. They're the largest generation, represent the biggest percentage of the country's workforce, and hold the most purchasing power but they are also the ones having kids, taking care of older generations and getting in a stage where health and cosmetic procedures becomes more important. They are the key to the success of many medical practices and professionals at the moment and not taking in consideration how they consume can kill your business.

In conclusion, online reviews are critical for doctors who want to attract new patients through insurance referrals and assignments. Negative reviews can have a significant impact on a doctor's online reputation, making it essential for doctors to respond to reviews and monitor online patient comments. We help doctors prioritize their online reputation, so they can establish themselves as trusted healthcare providers and build a loyal patient base. From managing their social media profiles and online reviews to creating email and text message templates they can send their patients asking for a Google, Facebook and ZocDoc reviews. Take action and make your online presence count with Stand Out Consulting.

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