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Letter from the founder - Why Stand Out

Growing up I moved around and changed homes and schools quite often. Even when we finally "settled down" in the same area, I still had to go to different schools or was sent to other parts of the planet in the summer... As a child, I tried to fit in for a while. Thought that it would help me make friends and connect if I tried being like the rest. By the time I was 10 I knew that was not an option. I started to realize that you'll always make best friends an worst enemies anywhere regardless of how you are. 

I saw the unbearable pressure that many felt to keep up and be as others expected (the coolest toy on tv, the perfect behaviour, the looks, the grades, gym class...) and knew I didn't want to be like that. Happiness was my goal, and it didn't go through other people's acceptance.

I remember the summer of 1993. We were in some sports summer camp my mom had put us. We had a free couple of hours where we could be the ones to choose which sport we wanted to play instead of following the activity schedule. A kid asked me -Why are you so weird? Why do you like such weird things? Why don't you like soccer like everyone else? We don't play baseball in Spain. You're going to loose -. For a moment I paused. I remember like yesterday how I grabbed on to the metal fence with my hands and turned to look at the field while I responded -I'm not weird, I'm different. I just don't care what people like you think-. This was a new place and I didn't care anymore if I was liked or not by everyone. I had decided that the one constant person in my life was me and I had to like myself and do what I enjoyed, and for that, I needed to feel free to be me. Funny enough, the teacher thought my proposal of playing baseball was an interesting one and that summer the rest of the kids in my group got to learn what it was and play it a couple of times at summer camp. 

Being me didn't always make things easier with others (I've always been a bit excentric and opinionated), but it made things more transparent. I knew better who my friends were, I felt more comfortable in my own skin. It gave me a luxury many don't have, it took away the fear of rejection and ridicule. This is a fear that paralized people and businesses and one of the biggest walls for many.

Life kept reminding me of my "weirdness" from time to time and I made sure to remind myself that my path to happiness was not one marked by society but by me. Only those who dare to walk outside of the marked paths will discover other worlds. Well, isn't this how we got to the moon or how the American continent was discovered?

That is why, when a year ago I moved from a sole prop business to an LLC, and started Stand Out Consulting to help others find their brand and identity through the tools I know in marketing and business, I decided to use that phrase as my slogan and Stand Out as my company name. I wanted something eye-catching, girly and representative of me and the place that has given me so much, Florida. 

This month we turn 1 year with this brand and I celebrated in a way that stands out. Simething that was very me. With a pink limo from Glamousine, cookies from @sugarytimesbakery, glammed up by Browtiful by S. and Primavera Collection and with the amazing company of 2 of my favorite influencers who are also professionals at standing out and leading their own path @sivysv and @soymave_ 

Juliana No

Founder of Stand Out Consulting

Stand Out Pros (Stand Out Consulting LLC)

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out.

A Digital Marketing Agency in Lake Nona (Orlando, FL)

Phone: +1 321-746-7588

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