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Puerto Rican real estate company in Florida gives back to first responders working against COVID-19



Puerto Rican real estate company in Florida gives back to first responders working against COVID-19

PES (Private Equity Solutions) gives back to first responders with cash or payments towards the purchase of their homes.

For immediate distribution: 4/1/2020

Orlando, FL – Private Equity Solutions, LLC released on April 1st that they will be gifting first responders (healthcare workers, military, police officers, firefighters, hospital employees and others) $5,000 so they can put towards points on the mortgage, down payment, or to cover the first payments of the loan when they purchase one of their homes.

We know many first responders are not even going back home to sleep because of fear of infecting their families” said Ferdinand Ruano, owner and founder of PES. “Doctors and police officers are some of the first investors our company had and it breaks our hearts to see them go through this. On top of that, the real estate market and banking industries are tightening the regulations and making it harder for buyers to get a home as COVID-19 affects the economy. We wanted to make it easier for these heroes to access a second home where they can send their family to stay safe or use for themselves. So, we’re offering this $5,000 to these first responders on the purchase of the properties we build on top of the $5,000 we offer everyone if they use our preferred lender. This is our way to give back to a sector that has always trusted us with their business and is now risking their lives”.

The private investment company prides itself in how they were able to save and grow money for their investors through the 2008-2009 crisis thanks to their investments in real estate at a time when markets were extremely volatile. Their newest property developments in the Coral Gables and North Port areas are close to healthcare centers and local first responders but also in an area with low casualties and infections as of today. Prices range between low 200s and mid 300s with high-end finishes like hurricane-proof windows and no rugs. “Keeping the best quality and clean and efficient homes is more important now than ever. Tiled floors and no rugs make it easier to disinfect the home for example. Safety and comfort are our priorities building these homes for families these days” said Ferdinand Ruano. “A lot of people are going to be stuck in their houses with kids. We want them to feel safe and make it easy to clean every area”.

Those first responders interested in purchasing one of the homes developed by PES can contact them at 407-985-4445 or 407-719-3562. Buyers will require proof of employment that indicates they work at a hospital, clinic, task force, fire department or at any other qualifying role.

About PES (Private Equity Solutions):

Private Equity Solutions, LLC was founded by Ferdinand J. Ruano in June 2010. It is a private investment company based in Miami and Puerto Rico focused on real estate investments. With the growth of the 2014 vendor financing program, Private Equity Solutions made purchasing a home something more accessible to everyone. The solutions proposed by Private Equity Solutions have become a unique option for buyers and sellers alike. The company continues to grow in both the residential and luxury properties market where unusual creative options are especially necessary.

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