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This bilingual experiential event in Orlando touched women from different walks of life

ORLANDO, Fla. - Sept. 30, 2022 Last Friday, September 23rd, the Blooming Women event organized by Stand Out Consulting and led by the acclaimed Dr. Myrelis Aponte took place in Lake Nona, who traveled from the West Palm Beach area to be in this event.

Blooming Women was not just an educational event but an experiential one where the smells and sounds of the event were deliberately controlled with the intention of creating emotions and memories in attendees that go beyond the event itself.

Contrary to what many of these educational events tend to be, Blooming Women in Lake Nona had decor worthy of a high-end event or gala sponsored by Daisy's Party Rentals and Stand Out VIP Events. The women were received at a table full of flowers overlooking the lake where, in addition to a bag full of gifts that included Dr. Myrelis's new books for VIP attendees, they received a gift rose from Victor Ayala (known as The Mortgage MVP on social networks).

The Dockside Lake Nona building was transformed into a pink, white, and lilac place where flowers were everywhere, cherry blossom trees filled the tables and you could even find a bouncy castle decorated by Pooof Productions where women could bring out their inner child and take photos.

This event was intentionally created to generate a moment of transformation and encourage the growing desire of the women attending. However, the success of the event went further with women sharing experiences of overcoming, tears at times, and asking for more similar events.

The godmother of the event and source of inspiration to carry the message of growth and flourishing of women was the renowned Dr. Francelis González, better known as Dr. G. in Orlando society. An example of a successful woman on a personal and professional level who shared valuable advice with the attendees.

In addition to Dr. Myrelis, the event featured renowned speakers such as Lara Tapia, Katherine Castro, Anitza San Miguel, and Juliana No, and the presenter Deisamar de Soto. The event was made possible thanks to sponsors such as Luany Aranky of American Title Trust, Maireddy Butron, and Caro Manzano of MBT Realty, and the support of Advance Credit Orlando.


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