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Connect & Grow: A Women's Nature Experience at Braveheart Farm

VIP small experience for women with Dr. Myrelis Aponte at Braveheart Farm where we connect with ourselves and others near West Palm Beach.

Date and time Fri, March 24, 2023, 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

Location 2377 Fawn Dr 2377 Fawn Drive Loxahatchee, FL 33470

(20 minutes from West Palm Beach and 2.5 hours from Orlando)


This is an event for growth, connection & enjoyment guided by Dr. Myrelis Aponte and organized by Stand Out VIP Events at Braveheart Farm in Loxahatchee, FL (20 minutes away from West Palm Beach, 1 hour from Miami and 2.5 hours from Orlando).

Attendees are expected to arrive at a certain time on their own and will be received with iced tea, wine and tapas/appetizers with initial networking followed by a meditation class by Dr. Myrelis Aponte designed to wake up certain parts of your brain and consciousness. If you are looking to stay for the weekend read below or contact Juliana No at for tips on places and what to do or where to stay.

At lunchtime, we will be having an outdoor lunch with some dynamic exercises to connect with yourself and nature and wake up your senses.

The afternoon will consist of activities such as coffee time with Dr. Anitza San Miguel to talk about your power as a woman along with horse experiences with Dr. Myrelis Aponte where you will get to brush the horses and those with VIP tickets like the sponsors will get an opportunity to have a short ride and photo on the horse.

Our events tend to go viral with press releases and social media coverage from different accounts and partners. So visibility beyond the event itself is to be expected by sponsors.

Advice on how to create a sponsorship that impacts and is memorable is provided. It's our goal that you are not just seen but remembered and that you stand out. So, we like to help with memorable gifts for attendees or event fun setups that become part of the event for higher attendee interaction with the brand.


Stand Out gets out of the Orlando area after creating memorable events in Lake Nona, Downtown, Disney property, and Dr. Phillips to create a unique experience to celebrate women in a joint effort with Dr. Myrelis Aponte. We are known for creating events based on experiences that are different for people to enjoy with friends, and loved ones or to network. Dr. Myrelis Aponte is a well-renowned PhD and clinical neuropsychologist who gives conferences internationally and coaches professionals and corporate teams on brain health and leadership.

Myrelis is also the founder of Braveheart Farm where this event will take place. Braveheart farm is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping children and individuals develop skills and better themselves through horsemanship.

This will be the first of a series of VIP events we want to create for your growth and connection with yourself and nature which is why it is coming out at a lower price than future events of the same sort making it a great opportunity.


Although location allows most people to make it a day trip, some may want to stay longer and make it a weekend thing.

Braveheart Farm has space and infrastructure for a couple of RVs if needed but we can also recommend your places around town, give you a list of Airbnb listings, and inform you on things to do in the area for the weekend.

Also, remember you are 20 minutes away from West Palm Beach so you can spend the weekend at the beach and enjoy your time there.

Just text Juliana No at 321-746-7588 or email her at


PONY - $550

Includes 1 Experience Plus ticket (you may get the short ride-a-horse class or get on top of one for pictures to your choosing).

You may bring your company banner.

Promo on all publicity of the event on social media and banners


Banner on horse fence 1 month from event (we make it for you at no extra cost). If joined on time, we may have it for the event. Valued at $200

Includes 2 Experience Plus tickets (you may get the short ride a horse class or get on top of one for pictures to your choosing).

Promo on all publicity of the event.

Mention on press release.

You may bring your company banner.

Banner Ad on Dr. Myrelis newsletter.

Industry/type of company exclusivity !!!


Logo on goodie bags (we need at least 10 days before the event or we will figure out a different way to provide visibility).

Banner on horse fence 3 months from the event (we make it for you at no extra cost). Valued at $600.

Includes 4 Experience Plus tickets (you may get the short ride-a-horse class or get on top of one for pictures to your choosing) valued at $500

Promo on all publicity of the event.

You may bring your company banner.

Banner Ad on Dr. Myrelis and Stand Out newsletter valued at $250

Image with your logo alone on the Eventbrite link

Mention on the press release

Industry/type of company exclusivity !!!

*Promos and press release will be sent to press, social media accounts ( over 20,000 people) and email lists (over 10,000 people).


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