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Hispanic Investors and Real Estate Experts meet in Orlando for the 3rd year

Orlando, FL – On October 20th, real estate and investment experts gathered in Lake Nona (Orlando, FL) in person or through streaming from Latin America, Miami, Puerto Rico and Orlando to learn about the new trends for 2023 and where opportunities lie.

The event opened with the presence of the director of Multicultural Affairs and International Relations for the city of Orlando, Luis Martínez, also had well-known people from the real estate sector and speakers who traveled from Puerto Rico and Miami to be there.

Led by Ferdinand Ruaño (CEO of Private Equity Solutions), better known as The Wallstreet Developer and organized by Juliana No of Stand Out Consulting, REAL ESTATE & INVERSIONES 2023 from the creators of INVERSIONISTAS HISPANOS, covered topics ranging from loans to foreigners to new opportunities for real estate agents to make money without selling real estate.

The sociopolitical panorama in Latin America has pushed those with the capacity to invest in the United States and elsewhere, and Florida is the favorite state for many of these investors. In addition, the demographic group of Hispanics in the United States continues to grow in investments and purchase of homes above other demographic groups.

This convergence of situations and opportunities inspired the HISPANIC INVESTORS event 3 years ago, which will be repeated digitally in January 2023, and which had its spin off in Orlando with REAL ESTATE & INVERSIONES 2023.

The group had companies that are already regulars at its events, such as American Title Trust present throughout Florida or Lyon Bern from Puerto Rico. This time it also attracted new companies such as Haus Haus from Puerto Rico, Plan 360, Advance Credit from Orlando, My Mortgage and My Realty.

Topics of interest such as the problem of indebtedness in the Hispanic sector and solutions from the hands of Johanna Díaz from Plan 360 and FRA Services, non-traditional investment options presented by Jose Crespi from Lyon Bern and details on loans for foreigners with Victor Ayala (NMLS 1691838) of My Mortgage Inc.

Also at this event, the new Private Equity Solutions project that will be developed in the city of Orlando with more than 100 new units in one of the most metropolitan areas of the city was announced for the first time. The new project that is set to start in early 2023 will be a rental project to accommodate the high demand for rental properties in Orlando.



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