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Food marketing for restaurants in Orlando - How to stand out on social media as a restaurant

There are many strategies that agencies apply these days... but all of this is not enough. Why? Because your competition is doing it too.

The reality is that people in America go to the restaurants tehy see everyone going to and... to get the Instagram picture. Yes! they want to take cool pictures of themselves and the food so their feed looks amazing while also enjoying food they love and having fun.

Sounds like a lot of pressure? Let us help you by giving you some tips on how to stand out on social media as a restaurant. We have helped several businesses with their restaurant marketing in Orlando and food marketing around the world.

Here are 2 tips that won't cost you much but can make your restaurant viral:


People go to places and take pictures. This is a fact. And we all want to go to the restaurants we see others posting about for 3 main reasons:

  1. Everyone is posting about the place (there must be something special, let's go).

  2. They have an amazing prop to take picturs of myself and my friends or family (have you seen Voodoo Donughts at Universal Orlando or some of the locations near the Orlando Eye? )

  3. Their food looks amazing on pictures and presentation is subreal (Orlando, Las Vegas...they are known for places with funny looking dishes that everyone wants to photograph... and of course we want a picture too!)

All you have to do is give them what they are asking for...a reason to take theat picture. And a great way to entize them to take the picture as well is creating offers where you give them the coffee or dessert for free if they post a picture of their food on their social media while they are there and tag you. This is one of the strategies we used with a restaurant client of ours and it worked amazingly well. We converted the clients into brand ambassadors. Actually, there are restaurants that give you 10-20% discount if you give them a review on social media while you are there. This is also an amazing strategy that can be used in other industries when starting and that will help your business position higher on search engines like Google while building trust in your restaurant.


We told you they love to take pictures so... why not create some crazy desserts that make everyone want to order them and take pics increasing this way as well the final bill they will pay?

Or how about painting murals inside or outside of the restaurant? Have you seen PHO in downtown Orlando and the murals around them? Everyone takes pictures there, tags the locations and many like us, end up eating there just because we wanted a photo.

Also, interactive walls and props are a trend, so if they can pose with something or sit on a crazy chair...they will take pics. Now, remember that not everyone is going to remember to tag you so a great trick for people to see where the photo was taken anyways is to ensure the name, hashtag or handle of your restaurant is in the prop or wall they are using to take pictures.

Tired of the classic tacky vynils for your storefront?

Let us design a handpainted unique storefront for you!!! A new way to stand out and truly showcase your brand.

From decorative murals and glass to interactive art your visitors will want to take selfies with.


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