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Agencies will try to make you invest in all of them. However, we have our preferences. We don't think you need to invest in all or any.

It all depends on your business, its goals, products or services... For example, Facebook ads work great for impulse buy products under $20 directed to women. However, those products may not do as good on Google Ads or may need to be done differently. Also, many service-oriented companies (especially B2B) may not do well on Facebook ads.

So... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOGLE ADS AND FACEBOOK ADS? Facebook ads are directed to a massive population that you think could potentially consume you.

These people may or may have not considered purchasing your products or service and may not even think of it. Google ads are directed to those searching directly for your product or service which means, they in the final stages of the purchase decision and ready to bite. Do you know which one you need for your business? Ask us when and where you should be advertising.

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