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Canva Tutorial: How to change the background of your videos with CANVA without a green screen!

As a marketing agency, we use professional programs such as Filmora, Photoshop and others. But we admit it, we also use @canva Canva . The truth is that there is a lot you can do with it and it saves us so much time!

Plus, it is affordable for our small entrepreneur clients who need templates and items they can modify themselves and many of them already use it. Tips like this one are part of our coaching sessions when we train your team or small entrepreneurs on how to use the tool or do content for their personal brand.

NOW... let's go through the STEPS TO CHANGE YOUR BACKGROUND!!!

You will need the paid version of Canva and it's as easy as selecting the video and clicking on background remover. The possibilities are endless. You can now show the same people all over the world, change colors on the back, and add letters in front and back from the video...even easier than you would on Cap Cut!

Yes, it works better with a green screen or plain background and when movements are settled but, we've seen some interesting ones happen.

So now, you can add news in the back, a photo, and images of an area you are talking about. The sky is the limit!

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Let us know if it was useful so we can add videos and tutorials of things like this on our STAND OUT PROS ACADEMY when it goes live.


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