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Hispanic gastronomic Summit launches agenda with celebrity chefs and well-known faces

The IQ Gastronomic Summit finally communicates its agenda and final list of speakers for the event that will take place between September 28 and October 2.

Being the first digital conference in Spanish in this industry that is completely global and free, the summit is emerging as one of the innovations that was born as a result of Covid-19. With hundreds already registered and multiple internationally known faces among the speakers, the summit opens the doors to education for people of all walks of life in the culinary industry.

From foodie bloggers and writers like Alfonso López of De Rechupete to Michelin-starred chefs like Chef Ángel Betancourt to celebrity chefs like Chef MariaKata or culinary icons like the renowned creator of CigMexico, Chef Lalo Plasencia.

The summit also welcomes new faces who are gaining recognition thanks to social media and the internet. An example of this is Laura Villegas from Sugary Times Bakery who expanded her sweet catering business to a learning platform and online and face-to-face courses, becoming a recognized figure not only in Central Florida but also internationally. And it is that the internet is helping many professionals in this industry to diversify their business and grow their footprint.

For this reason, the IQ Gastronomic Summit also has marketing and digital business professionals to help attendees understand new trends and even learn how to carry out some of them through workshops.

Due to COVID-19, the gastronomic industry is reinventing itself and needs education beyond the purely gastronomic techniques and digital marketing tools. That is why one of the days will be dedicated to business and finance for gastronomic businesses, with personalities such as the people from Haciendo Negocios.

Not leaving behind the trends that change and grow in this new panorama, we find days dedicated to them with specific classes such as "Gluten-free pastry" with Chef Francisco Broccolo or professional topics such as the inclusion of women in the gastronomic sector by renowned speaker Frances Ríos or the theme of ecology and waste with Chef Pablo Antonio.

In addition, throughout the days, they will have the series of talks "Cocinando se entiende la gente" where a chef cooks a recipe while talking about one of the topics of interest. And finally, the summit offers an international Q&A and network on Friday, October 2nd at 12 PM NY time to meet face to face through Zoom and ask whatever they want.

The event created by Ivaneska Calixto from IQ Social Business and Juliana No from Stand Out Consulting has free tickets but they are limited and can be obtained through the website .



- "Entrepreneurship on Wheels" with Chef Egidio Rodríguez

- ”Love at second sight: buyer persona for dummies" with Camilo Moreno

- "The numbers in the culinary experience" with CPA Gustavo Torres

- "Innovation, the only way out" with Chef Lalo Plasencia

- "Discover who you are" with Laura Villegas alias @sugarytimesbakery

- Cocinando se entiende la gente: "From passion to pan" with Chef Gregorio Diaz


- "Benefits of a plant-based diet" with Alejandra Ontiveros from @almendrahealthy

- "Neurosciences to the kitchen" with Chef Nacho Oropeza

- "Molecular food" with Chef Alexandra Seijo

- "The burnout syndrome in the kitchen" with Chef Angines Moreno

- "Culinary Creativity" with Chef Ángel Betancourt

- "Myths and Realities of Fondant" with Anais Guzmán

- Cocinando se entiende la gente: "Contemporary Gluten-free Pastry" with Chef Francisco Broccolo


- "Gastronomic Photography" with Photographer Miriam Salgado

- "Experiences and Gastronomic Senses" with Ivaneska Calixto

- "Personal Brand for Chefs and Foodies" with Juliana No

- "Stages in a sales funnel" with Malcolm Barrantes

- "Comemos con la Vista" with Deisamar de Soto


- "Structure the digital ecosystem of your restaurant" with Valentina Salazar

- "From Rechupete: From Blogger to Kitchen Guru" with Alfonso López alias @derechupete

- "Knead your online course idea" with Erika Montero alias @soycybermujer

- "How to automate the recruitment and loyalty of diners with social networks" with Jorge Cisneros

- "The power of marketing through food influencers" with Chef Jelly


- "Biodiversity, gastronomy and health" with Chef Carlos Isac Rivas - "Zero Waste" with Celebrity Chef MariaKata - "Creating an inclusive industry for women" with Frances Ríos - "Sustainable pastry: How to maximize our preparations" with Chef Pablo Antonio - "The Latest Dairy Culinary Trends" with Diahann Smith ___________________________________ About the IQ Gastronomic Summit Following the success of the International Gastronomic Festival that took place in Orlando in November 2019, the IQ Gastronomic Festival has turned into the IQ Gastronomic Summit for professionals and food lovers internationally to adapt and satisfy the needs of the industry in these times of pandemia. Founded by Ivaneska Calixto from IQ Social Business with the support of Juliana No from Stand Out Consulting, the IQ Gastronomic Summit is committed to educating the global culinary and food sector in an economy that is transforming this industry. In the wake of COVID-19 and with climate change, the food and hospitality industry is undergoing unprecedented change. In our spirit to educate, help, delight and share, this Summit will be held free of charge for access to everyone and spread knowledge about new techniques, initiatives and opportunities for those in the sector. What makes us really different and the first truly international gastronomic summit is that this summit is free, giving access to anyone who wants to obtain knowledge without taking into account the economic differences of each country. Another aspect that makes us different apart from the language is that attendees will have access to the videos throughout the day and will be able to access them without limitation of time or geographic time slot in which they are since they will be available for replay for a little more than 24 hours. This makes us truly international and inclusive of all foodies. The IQ Gastronomic SUMMIT will address not only the culinary arts but the gastronomic industry in general, the obstacles and opportunities of a global world and the trends that have been presented.

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